Speeding Offenses V. Reckless Driving Charges In Fauquier County

Speed violations are taken very seriously by Virginia law enforcement and pose a major threat to the safety of commuters and pedestrians, according to Virginia State Police.

As a result, we are working very hard to prevent people from driving too fast and recklessly by imposing severe, severe penalties. Various types of speed violations in Fauquier include traffic violations, both misdemeanors and misdemeanors. The difference is that speeding (i.e. a traffic offence) has no effect on a person’s driving licence, while the offence itself is a criminal complaint that is not only recorded on the licence. Talk to your ruthless driving instructor to learn how to mitigate the consequences of speeding.

They can have a permanent criminal record and face fines of up to $1,000 and / or a year in prison, as well as a fine of $2,500 or more.

The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSM) and the Florida Highway Patrol (FHP) share responsibility for enforcement.

If you appear in court in Fauquier County for speeding, you should be aware that you are guilty of speeding and should receive a points certificate. Sometimes you can reduce the speed limit to a lower fee or have it scrapped, but it is definitely advisable not to simply pay for the ticket in advance. It is not a requirement to appear in court, and sometimes you do not even need to call an experienced Faux County attorney to discuss how to approach your particular case. When you appear in court, it gives you the opportunity to tell your side of the story and not appear in court.

In Fauquier County, reckless driving is a traffic violation that includes both reckless driving and speeding. It is possible to charge someone with an administrative offence for speeding, which is classed as’ reckless driving ‘. An experienced rasher lawyer from Virginia can help your client understand exactly what this allegation means, not just on paper, but in the long run. In Fauquier County, it is not possible to make an advance payment for a reckless ticket, and admissions of guilt or advance payments are not possible. Careless driving, even speeding, is a crime in Faiqier, which means you have to go to court and be present.