Richmond Virginia Rape Defense Lawyer

Rape Charge In Virginia:

In Richmond Virginia rape is one of the biggest crimes that will become a cause of a serious penalty. It is considered a serious crime that an individual might be accused to commit. This crime can include any the non-consensual or forced sexual intercourse which is involving a penetration in it. This term is also referred to the sexual assault. The charge of rape can be applied by depending on different circumstances where the offender will perform the sexual intercourse forcefully in which the consent of the Victim is not involved. Sometimes the offenders do these activities by giving them some rugs or any medicine due to which the victim can lose their senses and they may be unable to stop the defender from doing the sexual intercourse. It is not necessarily mean that the victim of this crime will say no or fight back with the criminal. The situation and lack of victim consent may depend on his or her age, physical helplessness and the mental incapacity of them. An individual might face the reap charge in Richmond Virginia under the following circumstances.

  • Violence
  • Fraud
  • Cheating
  • Force
  • Victim who is under the age
  • Threat them for any type of injury or harm
  • Victim who is physically and mentally unstable to consent
  • Victim who is of the alcohol, influence or the drudge as well

Sometimes the rape can be committed between the persons who do not know each other and they are strangers. It can also be committed by any friend, family member, wife, husband, boyfriend or girlfriend as well. The rape defense lawyer will help you a lot to provide you a proper defense against the charge.

Types Of Rapes In Virginia:

There can be different types of rape in Virginia.

Statutory Rape Virginia:

In this type, the offenders will sexually intercourse the person who is under the age of 15. Even if there is the consent of both persons are involved because according to the law the kid under 15 is not able to give his or her consent.

Marital Rape Virginia:

This type of rape will include the situation of non-consensual or forcible intercourse that will occur between two married persons.

Date Rape Virginia:

It means that doing the sexual intercourse with a person in which his or her consent is not involved. In this situation, a person will force themselves upon another and they will intercourse with the victim when they become incapacitated or unconscious.

Standard Rape Virginia:

In this situation, the person can be charged with a rape crime in which the sexual activities includes the intimidation, fore or the threat as well. Rape is basically an unwanted act in which these things are included most of the time. The offender can also harm the victim.

Hire A Lawyer For You:

If you are going through this situation then must hire a professional rape defense lawyer for your case they will collect all the evidence and with the help of their expertise they can create a strong defense for you.