Is Virginia Larceny an Aggravated Felony for Immigration

Virginia laws are straightforward and strict about the immigration of any person. If police find someone suspicious, they will check the passport as well as another document to get proof of his identity. Virginia laws about the immigration are related to the law enforcement, educationist, employees along with the E verify requirements. There are also laws present related to the restrictions of the public benefit that is based on individual’s immigration status. Once the person enters in Virginia state, he has to fulfill the requirement according to the law. E verification system is required. The state agency use E verify system to identify any foreigner entering in the state.

Virginia larceny as an aggravated felony for immigration.

It is considered as the offense if police or investigation team found wrong or suspicious immigration of the person. If the person moves with Grand Larceny and is applying for immigration than he will be considered as the offender and will be charged with a penalty. The person moving outside the country or entering the state with the theft conviction has to face the severe consequences.

The case is passed to court for the punishment of the offender. The circuit court listens to all case and makes a case for a felony. According to law and some cases in the state, it is revealed that the Virginia Larceny is not an aggravated felony for immigration. The criminal is given the punishment according to felony described in law but the punishment is not doubled in that case.

According to the circuit code, the judge reviews the case and all the facts according to the categorial approach and made a decision that Virginia larceny is not an aggravated felony for immigration. The person will be charged according to Virginia code and no extra charges will be applied on the offender applying for immigration or come from other country.

Hire a lawyer to get help

If the police find you with the larceny charge during immigration and you have to face penalties from the court. It is good to hire a lawyer who can help you reduce your penalties according to state laws. It is important to consult the experienced immigration attorney if you are facing negative consequences during immigration. He will evaluate your case properly and help you in the determination of the case in the best way. You can consult the well experienced attorney in order to get help for your immigration purpose. You will have to pay less fine.

If the person faces any kind of the immigration issues, it is important to consult the legal advisor. Choosing the right attorney matters, as he will give you personal attention and will discuss all case face to face without involving an attorney. The good attorney agency will provide free consultation before you pay a fee. He will review the case thoroughly and make the proper plan to handle the situation. He will keep you up to date on the case progress and answer your all questions that are making you confused related to the case.